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The Deep South

Surely this is the most romantic and literally « out of this world » facet of Morocco : the land of the Ksar, Kasbah and the oasis. The Atlas has cut you off from all but the memory of what lies to the north, and here in the Sahara, life is limited to that narrow band of land along the capricious oueds which have somehow managed to gain a foothold in a landscape sand and rock. Fore names in the Sahara sound like a call to some mysterious adventure : the Draa, the Dadès, the Toudra, the Tafilalt. They will be the signposte on the web site. Between these valleys are trails across the desert which will allow you to pass from one to the other in order to give a complet picture of this strange and splendid region. Thought this sea of sand may seem to totally empty, don’t forget that the emptiness is peopled with groups of nomads whose whole life is spent in the desert. With the very definite exception of June – July – August – September you can travel in the desert and make many trips.