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Driss Hemmi

Tel: 00212670504799
We live in Marrakech and work in all Morocco

How to plan your trip : When to go, Day trips, Climate, seasonal, Event, How to Cordinate the Calendars, Principal Moussems, Where to Go, How to Go, What to Take, What i t will cost, vacation villages, Travel documents, How to reach Morocco : from the north America, by Air, Sea, Train or Car, from the continent, by Plane, Car, Train or Bus. Arriving in Morocco : Customs, Money, Time, Contry and People, Islam, System of Government, Staying in Morocco : hôtels, Restaurants, Cafés, Water, Tipping, Hiking day trips, Shopping, Market days, Photography, Electric current, Newspaper, Sport, Camping, Traveling in Morocco : by Car – Fuel, Rule of the Road, Car Hire, Itineraries, by Plane, Train, Car or Motorcoach. Contacting us for more informations you welcome with us to discover every day trips and activities we propose !